Spend the Weekend with Aprile Millo in Toronto: Opera Spectacular!

Don’t miss this exciting event!  Legendary diva with the golden voice hits Toronto!

Come spend two nights with Aprile Millo as she presents Canadian talent and sings a long-anticipated recital in the heart of Toronto!

Thursday, November 13, 2014:  Opera Spectacular

Saturday, November 15:  Aprile Millo in Recital


Millo Recital 2014 Toronto


The legendary soprano returns to Toronto for a special weekend of music. The New York Post’s James Jorden wrote “The soprano, considered the foremost stylist of Italian romantic vocal music, always draws an audience of hard core cognoscenti, who are practically an opera in themselves”. Aware of the traditions in opera and keenly determined to see them continue on November 13, 2014 Miss Millo is presenting the promise of tomorrow in Opera Spectacular! where she is featuring a fabulous young soprano in Mary-Lou Vetere and her Vetere Studio filled with amazing Canadian voices. Then on Nov 15th, with renowned piano virtuoso, Linda Ippolito, she gives a recital of arias, art songs of Italy, lieder and Irish and American songs. Special guest artists will be joining her, Argentinian baritone, Gustavo Ahualli, and Mary-Lou Vetere showcasing another of her many talents on accordion as well, and magical harpist, Merynda Adams. Both nights will be like nothing you have ever seen.

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Opera Spectacular!  Final Draft

Iconic soprano, Aprile Millo understands what it means to be a part of the great tradition of opera. Her mentors in her legendary career number some of the greatest who ever sang, Renata Tebaldi, Zinka Milanov, Magda Olivero, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Licia Albanese and Richard Bonygne and Randolph Mickelson and gloriously singing with Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Carlo Bergonzi and Canada’s great tenors, Ben Heppner, Richard Margison and the great Ermano Mauro, to name a few. Keenly aware of the need to continue the Bel Canto traditions, Mme. Millo met and mentored a talented young Canadian Italian soprano, (with a PHD yet!), in Mary-Lou Vetere and began working with her and her amazing group of young singers in The Vetere Studio. Opera Spectacular! is a glamourous evening of arias and scenes featuring some of those fabulous voices! Mme. Millo wanted to share her joy with the great nation of Canada her immense joy at finding so many wonderful artists in love with OPERA and eager to learn and promote culture and the arts. Fresh from their sold-out cheering performances in Niagara Falls, ON. this recital is unlike anything you have ever seen. Who said Opera is boring? Passion, romance, intrigue and grandeur wrapped up in a melodic little package all for the price of admission. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to build a star. Come see Canada’s brightest hopes for the future and be a part of it all!!! Channel your inner Pavarotti and come join in, you will never be the same!


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Speaking out for Tradition

Richard Tucker Day August 28, 2014


Tomorrow, New York City celebrates and pays tribute to the great American tenor, Richard Tucker. Amidst all of the chaos surrounding opera in New York City in recent weeks, it is seemingly appropriate to publicize a true celebration of artistry and the genre as it ought to be considered.

Many of you have asked why I’ve not commented or posted about the ongoings at the Met and the closing of a few European houses and the truth is that 1. I refuse to join this fabricated bandwagon that opera is dying and that there are no big voices left, that tradition is dead, that opera needs to be modernized, etc…
2. Ive decided to fight back this notion by studying my own singing intently and completely focusing on tradition, perfecting my technique, and following  the influence of those great singers who came before me in hope of reversing the notion that bel canto is dead.
3. Ive centered on my studio of 35 wonderful young talents, all big voices focused on line, phrasing, text, delivery, content and complete avoidance of the plethora of uncontrolled vibrato that seems to inhabit the stage today. For those interested in hearing our traditional army of singers, stay tuned for our upcoming presentation in Toronto, Ontario in the late fall. Im so thrilled for these amazing singers and more than thrilled to present them as guardians of tradition and this art.

Finally, I feel that the times are changing. We need to get back to the opera house, back in the seats to hear LIVE singing and singers need to give audiences a reason better than looking beautiful to fill those seats. Audiences havent gone anywhere but the greats have…so lets really give em something to talk about. VOCE VOCE VOCE!!

I will have more to say in upcoming weeks and some performance announcements too but I cannot close without paying remembrance to the great Licia Albanese who passed away earlier this month. She was a beacon of tradition and truth, a guiding artist and soprano of the highest esteem. May her voice and memory remain fervent in our hearts always. Riposa in pace grande Licia!


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Opera On Demand (Good)Produced and Presented by:

Dr. Mary-Lou Vetere, PhD

With Special Guest of the Metropolitan Opera:

Aprile Millo


Lindsey Duggan, soprano

Charlene Flikkema, mezzo-soprano

Sara Weiss, soprano

Darya Danesh, soprano

Debra Kingsley, mezzo-soprano

Anthony Bellissimo, bass

Joel Ricci, tenor

Kaila Raimondo, soprano

Khadidia Tall, soprano

Heather Thomas, soprano

Julie Giesbrecht, soprano

Haleigh Cumiskey, soprano

Stephen Teves, tenor

Jennifer McKillop, soprano

Brittany Wilson, soprano

Shane Glabb, tenor

Giacomo Folinazzo, tenor,

Daniel McColgan, tenor

Sarah Iles, soprano

Jessica Lalonde, soprano

Gillian Stecyk, soprano

Amy Bourdon, mezzo-soprano

Kaylah Paquette, soprano

Doug Tranquada, baritone

Brian Gow, tenor

Mary Duggan, soprano


 the newest members of The Vetere Studio

Stephanie Yelovich, soprano

Lindsey Schwenker, soprano

Julian Yager, tenor

Cathy Estrela-Teves, soprano


Anthony Iannazzo, tenor

What is more thrilling than opera in the heart of the city of thundering waters and shimmering rainbows?

Don’t Miss it!

Tickets available at:


The Vetere Studio Presents “Opera Grandissima”

Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 7pm

At Niagara’s Historic “Seneca Theatre”

in the heart of downtown

Niagara Falls, Canada

Tickets: $25

Order Online at: The Lyndesfarne Box Office for “The Seneca Theatre”

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