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A Beautiful and Truthful Depiction of a Great Artist in Our Midst: Aprile Millo’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Video

From a tender age I have adored this singer, and since I had the privilege of being part of this event, I wish to post this beautiful video here.  Here’s to another 25 years of this voice that is ever growing, expanding, and has no limitations.  The more I hear her sing, the more in awe I am of God’s infinite gifts and the value they have on our world today.  I hope she will forgive me for saying that in one instance she sings Bel Canto still more easily and swiftly than ever, and in the next moment effects an Elsa and Elisabeth so beautiful that Wagnerites would melt…and then a piercing and explosive high “C” of Turandot.  Stay tuned people….you have no idea what will come next!



A Big Feat…A Devoted heart….A Long Time Coming.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have noticed that as of late, posts have been few and far between.  The reason has nothing to do with a lack of interest lately, but more to do with a profound experience that has been the culmination of a very long journey for me.  On May 4th, 2010, I successfully defended my Ph.D dissertation, “Italian Opera from Verdi to Verismo: Boito and “La Scapigliatura.” For the last 13 years of my life, I have devoted myself to the letters, works, and operas of several important composers, namely Giuseppe Verdi, Arrigo Boito, and Giacomo Puccini, and although I have been researching and writing for approximately five years, I had not anticipated that defending my work would be so emotional.  As I spoke about my 600 + page manuscript, at one moment I could strangely hear myself talking and wondering, “Who is talking? Is this me?”  The voice was filled with passion and fire and vibrancy.  At that moment, I felt that I might have converted any non-opera loving person to the other side, just by the sheer determination in my voice.  And, all for the love of opera.

Verdi and Boito

I recalled that the first post on this blog displayed a picture of Indiana Jones.  In effect, the research I conducted was not much different than that presented in the third movie of that series, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” where Indiana takes on his father’s passionate search for the Holy Grail by using a diary filled with clues that required decoding.  Who would have thought that Italian Opera would present a similar situation?  The point I wish to make is that the study of music history, although some might think it to be tedious or even boring, is just as exciting as any action movie.  It is also what leads us to maintain an authentic, appropriate, and most of all, a respectful manner of performance practice that is based on the wishes and direction of the composers whose works we are so compelled to sing, perform, or conduct. It is my hope that young music students continue to study history and use it as a foundation for whatever musical discipline they are devoted to. As musicians the path to a fundamental happiness and success can only be achieved by hard work and devotion, but let us not forget that love for music and art play a significant role.  For those of us who remain devoted…a world of wonder awaits.

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PLAYBILL ARTS Interviews Grand Diva Aprile Millo on the cusp of her 25th Anniversary.

Aprile Millo celebrates 25 years tomorrow night at Frederick P. Rose Recital Hall, 8pm.


Click here to read the interview.  PLAYBILL ARTS INTERVIEW

A fascinating conversation with Aprile Millo.


Aprile Millo, Soprano

Lucy Arner, Pianist


Merynda Adams, harp

Christopher Collins Lee, violin

Michael Fabiano, tenor

Lynn Harrell, cello

Luis Ledesma, baritone

Danielle Orlando, piano

Mary-Lou Vetere, accordion

Iveta & Gherman dancers

Russ & Katusha, dancers

Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Bill Richardson, featuring Mary-Lou Vetere


Boito and Verdi

Boito, Verdi, and the music in my heart…..

Click here to listen to the interview.

October 17, 2009

Opera:  Simon Boccanegra from the Vienna Staatsoper

The accordion hits the jazz-scene

Last night at the Annex Live in Toronto the fiery sound of the accordion met the jazz-musings of Jazz-bird, Adi Braun, and her colleagues George Koller (Bass) and Kevin Barrett (guitar).  These are two clips of the performance.  Enjoy.

Mary-Lou will be featured on Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Bill Richardson on October 17th.


On October 17th, 2009 CBC Radio II will be hosting Saturday Afternoon at the Opera (hosted by Bill Richardson).  Mary-Lou Vetere will be a guest on the Broadcast of Verdi’s opera, “Simon Boccanegra” with libretto by Arrigo Boito.  She will be discussing opera, her research, and accordions.  Tune in to 94.1 or get the widget for CBC RADIO at and listen live.

Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera