What’s Coming in the 2011-2012 Season.

The 2011-2012 season promises to be filled with new productions, good singing…probably bad singing, and hopefully the arrival of new operatic hopefuls who can fill seats and excite non-operagoers to come to the opera house.  I’ve decided to list the seasons according to house and repertoire, as an easy reference tool for those of you wanting to attend.  I’m also going to give each opera a rating and, later, links to reviews.  Later in the season, I may also list upcoming concerts that are worthwhile and any new releases that are worth purchasing.  For those of you who love opera but would rather listen in the comfort of your own home (as much as I think the true spectacle must be witnessed in the theatre), Sirius/XM Radio is a must have. The Met Opera Radio station plays full operas, recent and great performances ALL DAY LONG!   Also, Met Opera Player isn’t so shabby at $15 per month.  Chalk full of videos and recordings of live performances of the greats and recent productions, it’s nice to sit and watch on your own computer.  If you can pull together the funds to get yourself to NYC or to Europe, the best experience is always in the house.  The true prowess of the human voice can only truly be assessed as it is enmeshed with the orchestra in a live setting.