Fabiano Shines as Gennaro in ENO’S “Lucrezia Borgia” and makes his mark as one of the U.S’s greatest opera exports

American Star Tenor: Michael Fabiano


With all the clout today about directors and new “modern” productions, 3d, 2d, and opera literally jumping into your lap in a movie theatre, we are still often reminded that the “voice” and the “singer” are the central bloodline of opera.  American Tenor, Michael Fabiano, with a robust, beautiful lyric tenor, italianate flavour, and gleeming upper tessitura, is making his mark internationally as a rising star.  He is a throwback to the past, when “Bel Canto” actually meant a specific aesthetic and manner of singing.  Fabiano debuted last night as Gennaro in the ENO’s new production of Donizetti’s “Lucrezia Borgia” directed by Mike Figgis.  With all the excitement about the first 3d opera, Michael’s artistry and singing proved once again that we go to the opera not to be stimulated by visual effects but, rather, to be washed over by the intensity and grandeur that is the human voice in all its glory.  For that, Michael, we applaud you and stand behind you in solidarity.  VIVA LA VOCE!  VIVA BEL CANTO!  VIVA FABIANO!!!

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