La Boheme (Season Premiere) Live Broadcast from the Met: Tonight at 7:25pm

Joseph Calleja

Starring Joseph Calleja as the poet Rodolfo, (pictured above with Anna Netrebko)


Maija Kovalevska

Maija Kovalkevska as the living poetry that is Mimi (pictured above with Ramon Vargas)

In Franco Zeffirelli’s magnificent and historic production

Franco Zeffirelli

ConductorStefano Ranzani
MimìMaija Kovalevska
MusettaIrina Lungu
RodolfoJoseph Calleja
MarcelloAlexey Markov
SchaunardJoshua Hopkins
CollineChristian Van Horn
Benoit/AlcindoroDonald Maxwell

Production: Franco Zeffirelli
Set Designer: Franco Zeffirelli
Costume DesignerPeter J. Hall
Lighting DesignerGil Wechsler

No matter how many times you’ve seen or listened to La Bohème, Puccini’s masterpiece is a true “squarcio di vita” that we all need to revisit now and again.  It talks of the beauty of life, how to live it even in the face of adversity, and more importantly…how deeply love, true love, can touch the soul.  Every time I listen to Bohème, I find something new and wonderful about these characters.  If portrayed well, you want to be part of their little circle of  friends, and for those two hours linger in a world perhaps more simple, or perhaps more complex in feeling than the one we allow ourselves to live in today.  Life is Opera and Opera is Life…Bohème is one major reason this genre continues to thrive, everywhere and always.

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  1. Looking forward to finally seeing this live on stage in April. Cannot wait!

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