“Un Peu De Couleur Français”: Debussy’s Influence On Italian Opera

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting an article in honour of Claude Debussy’s anniversary year here on TLV.  While we await the 2013 anniversary celebrations for  both Verdi and Wagner, I thought it might be fascinating to pay some attention to Debussy and how he did or didn’t influenced Italian Opera.  With his unmistakable colour palate and propensity toward the combination of tones (clusters and blurring), Debussy initiated the use of mixed chords and colours that found their way into the works of Italian composers, most notably Giacomo Puccini.  In addition to the multi-part article, I will also be posting a new Audio link that will present some of Debussy’s music and excerpts from Italian works where his style is most vividly recognizable.  Stay tuned for more on TLV!

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